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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Amina YaQar continues to set the bar high. Her New Single “Royalty“ which debut Oct. 20/20 exclusively on is a frequency that all can vibe to.


With comparisons to greats like Lauryn Hill, Amina brings a new approach to conscious lyrics. Her style of rap and harmony gives the impression she’s here to stay as a competitor and champion of the evolving music industry.


“Making music that lead the people toward Truth in a way that’s relatable has always been the goal.”

Signed to StreetVital’s Brand Management In 2017. Amina’s Journey has captivated so many as she continues to allow the world to witness her amazing transformation.

Follow Amina YaQar on all music streaming platforms. Also keep up with updates and live shows on IG @Amina_YaQar & the Artist Lounge


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