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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

-Artwork for (pressure) album -

Amina YaQar is gearing up to release her new project titled Pressure. As anticipation continues to grow, there is still no word on an official release date. However her single Pressure from the titled album is already being played on multiple radio stations in various cities and is available for streaming exclusively at


The single "Pressure" dances the line of message to trap music.

Press play and immediately the production, cadence switches, and vocal manipulation unconsciously accost Listeners into involuntary milly rocking as Amina effortlessly rides the beat.

The whole album (Pressure) is one you can vibe to, Amina's voice captivates her audience using intricate word play, melodic minor harmonies, and lyrics that lead one to think deeply or even pray. Amina's pressure album won't let up "Drawn to life” brings fresh air and hope to its auditors and keeps her' planted feeding spirits with ”Soul Gumbo” in its closing. This album is what nations have been waiting to hear. This is Amina Yaqar's manifesto.

Learn more about Amina YaQar at or follow her @AminaYaQarMusic

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