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"Get Paid What You Deserve: How to Capitalize on Music Streaming”

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

In today's world, streaming has become the go-to for many music listeners. Unfortunately, this has had a huge effect on record labels - and the artists that rely on them. The streaming industry pays out significantly less per stream than what they receive from album sales - which affects both the artist and the label.



Despite this low pay per stream, it is largely argued that record labels are not hurt by streaming as much as the artists themselves. This is because major labels often have a stake in multiple revenue streams within an artist's career such as live performances, endorsements and merchandise sales. Additionally, most of their income comes from their more successful acts who would continue to make money regardless of how many streams they got online.



Artists have the potential to make more money than ever from streaming music. There are five key ways they can do this: first, they can partner with online streaming platforms to promote their music and increase their reach; second, they can take advantage of any promotional opportunities available on the platform, such as track-specific campaigns; third, they can use analytics to better understand listener data and tailor their releases accordingly; fourth, they can seek out more lucrative deals with streaming services such as exclusivity agreements; and finally, they can explore alternative revenue streams such as video content or merchandising.



streaming music has revolutionized how musicians and artist make money. It provides an easy and accessible way to get your music out to the world, while also allowing you to generate much needed revenue.

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