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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

When we really dig down to the root of what modesty is, we see true elegance, submission, strength, discipline, respect, and virtue.

Photo: @itssalva

How often do we see such grace? Teaching the next generation how woman are to dress and conduct themselves is important. Whether a long, flowing skirt or an casual, floor length dress, we must be mindful of how we piece together our outfits. When a woman covers her body in modest clothing, she isn't hiding herself from you. In fact, she is revealing her honor, nobility, self-respect, and grace.

Photo: @estellelatoya

Waking up in the morning, rummaging through our closets to figure out what we'll wear, keep in mind that we are choosing an outfit fit for a queen. Starting with a base that will be as underclothes. A white tank top and a knee length, black, silk skirt are my go-to's. Once you have a base, you build upon your under garments with an oversized t-shirt or a nice flowing dress. Throwing a cozy cardigan over or a jean jacket would complete the look! Grace and humility is your greatest weapon so wear it confidently knowing you are exemplifying elegancy and modesty.

Photo: @kappariyah.theroyalmother

-Kayla Phillips

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